About us


Projection of the scenary that La Scarpa Conceria s.r.l. wants to "see" in the future and reflects its values, its ideals and its general aspirations.

We want to change the way we produce vegetable tannage and look for excellence. We want to produce a leather that can be suitable for all the workings and tannings. A leather that can be easily stored, still wet and that lasts in the time from which you can proceed to all uses - vegetable, chrome and minerals - with minimal environmental impact.

Carta dei valori

The Charter of Values - approved in May 2017 - identifies the values on which La Scarpa Conceria is based on its identity and that, both in strategic choices and in day-to-day operations, must inspire staff behavior in relations with customers, suppliers and teamwork.

The values in which La Scarpa Conceria is identified are mainly:

  1. Respect

  2. Collaboration

  3. Tolerance

  4. Responsibility

  5. Clarity

Environmental Policy