Hair on hide leather

We only use cattles destined for the food industry. These are not killed directly for tanning but on the other hand, if they were not used in the tanning process they would create serious problems for disposal.

Our hair on hides are purchased from the best French and national slaughterhouses that always guarantee us the highest consistency in quality. This also allows us to plan well in advance the leather arrival.

The right dimensions and compliance with the leather are fundamental, in fact we do the cut and selection.


Vegetable tanning is a leather production process that combines tradition, technology and nature, a mix of knowledge handed down from father to son. The recipes for the transformation of raw material into a durable material over time, preserve the knowledge and skill of years of experience and love for leather.

The leather is treated with tannins of natural origin in wooden drums that rotate slowly, the leather has therefore all the time to absorb these products and give unique features that make the final product.

The absence of toxic substances such as azo dyes, nickel or pentachlorophenol and chromium VI is ensured by monitoring of tanning products used in compliance with European regulations such as REACH, ECHA and CADS.

Wet White

The leather undergo a preparatory treatment before the phase of tanning. The process of pre-tanning wet white, with chrome-free low environmental impact, allows you to create all kinds of products for automotive, furniture, clothing, shoes and accessories.

Our company pays special attention to the choice of the product in this process, to ensure customers the highest quality and satisfaction of several demand needs.